@jjg I role play with Mike Flynn and (sometimes) Joe Sanborn biweekly on Wednesdays. Currently I’m GM’ing a sci fi game with a lot of planet hopping.

Ego is a delusion we seek to make real through the artifice of identity.


Girls will probably always be my favorite things to draw. I named this character Emily.

I need to fix the collar on the suit to bring it into proper perspective with the horizon but like the character idea.

@jjg capitalism is depressing. I’m ready for the fully automated post-scarcity utopia.

@jjg it’s good to be back! I’ve been busy making stuff. 😊

I don’t usually draw in other styles but I unashamedly like me some ponies.

I released this album a week ago. It’s a dramatic European folk-themed album. Very different from what I usually do so I released as a self titled album called Heartwood.


This is one of my favorite drawings. I got Covid In January and drew this like a day before I tested positive.

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The Neuromantics

People who like to think about what they talk about.