@Supernova72 I’m fucking sick of capitalism. I here you. Sorry you got canned. I went through the same a while back. Hang in there.

I made this cute little forest guy. Started as a sketch the other day and then digitally realized it today.

Printed this guy just for fun. Came out surprisingly well and gave me no grief in the 24+ hours it took to print.

I think I’ve finally got a setup I can count on.

Back issues have been rough lately but I’m still making music!

I’m super bad with social media these days so if @Supernova72 or @jjg want to contact to hang out (as in let’s chill in person or some shit!) my email is jasontiffany21@gmail.com and my digits are 608 302 7484. I’ll keep popping in here from time to time too! 😊

Poking back in again! I have finally found a job working in Janesville’s #1 floral shop! (Woot!)

@jjg I have too many books but I have been reading a lot of Taoist literature. Revisited Wei Wu Wei lately (All Else Is Bondage and Open Secret specifically), but I have a mountain of sci fi and fantasy in addition to nonfiction and science books. I have been reading scientific papers online, mostly on volitional star theory and the electromagnetic field theory of consciousness.

@jjg I role play with Mike Flynn and (sometimes) Joe Sanborn biweekly on Wednesdays. Currently I’m GM’ing a sci fi game with a lot of planet hopping.

Ego is a delusion we seek to make real through the artifice of identity.


Girls will probably always be my favorite things to draw. I named this character Emily.

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The Neuromantics

People who like to think about what they talk about.