@jjg I’m bad at being social and making friends. My FB friends list is mostly made up of family that doesn’t suck, people I met before I was 20 and my Gen-z rapper babies. 😃

@JohnnyPistolWhip FB is like going to a bar that sucks full of people you hate because you can’t get the handful or people you actually like to meet somewhere cool 😎.

I’ve thought about this problem for probably a decade and have come to the conclusion that those few people don’t really like hanging out online but are essentially forced into it, which is why it’s hard to get them to try something else w/o force 🤣

I have met some cool people on emerging systems, but that’s short-lived.

@jjg I went to a party this weekend (no masks, all vaxed!) and this was a topic of discussion. We all pretty much met through c-line and/or stealth and had a custom private forum running for a while before social media hit that ran parallel with an invite only media/art sharing site that a bunch of us worked on developing. Facebook opened up, life happened and it all just sort of died. Now I’m pretty sure we’re going to have an instance of Mastadon up soon after the conversation we had.

@JohnnyPistolWhip all I ask is for an invite 😇😇😇

This sounds like other legends I’ve heard. It’s interesting how Facebook crushed online communities the way big box stores crushed offline ones.

Without getting too deep into it, I think Dunbar was on to something 😁

The good news is that there are a lot of people experimenting with new things in response to overbearing corporate online systems. In addition to the fediverse there is an assortment of decentralized related tech (soft and hard).

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