@jjg I found "Better Off Dead" in case you want to borrow?

How is everyone holding up in Neuromantics land? Yes I will be checking in with y'all regularly. It's been a hell of a week, month, year... *Gestures all around*

This colored pencil thing really makes me reevaluate shading the entire time I'm trying to do it. Which is probably good for reworking my brain. And these minute or two sketches each night force me to use that part of my brain, even if briefly.

Continuing my "challenge oneself" sketching exploration, I used a pencil that has multicolored lead in it. It changes sporadically as you draw. Makes for interesting outcomes. Will continue this area too. Lately I sketch every night, which is good for the soul, I'd wager.

Rant on the state of things 

Seeing as how Tom Servo was a sketch, I'm thinking about working on an actual piece. Maybe I'll practice doing Crow as well. I'd send it in to MST3K if it turned out halfway decent.

After some success with the Tom Servo pic, I decided to do glassware and other still life on black background. I'm still working from internet search pics ... Soon I hope to get one of our black sheets set up, put a still life up and light it with a clamp light, because I'm ghetto in my lighting style.

After trying to draw a Cyberman from Doctor Who, I tried to draw a TARDIS, gave up and started drawing Tom Servo. Darrick asked me why Servo is thinking about the TARDIS lol. And then a xenomorph BECAUSE WHY NOT

How are we holding it together here in Neuromantics land? I've been working on art, something that was spurned by seeing both @JasonTiffany and Jamie's Facebook posts about. A visit to Beyond Van Gogh and an incredulous look from my longtime BFF Stephanie has got me moving again. (She literally said "don't worry about the outcome get back into the process." I said I was overthinking my skill and we all know that is hogwash).
My brilliant idea was to learn to draw on black paper. Sketches to come

I took a stray cat in to the humane society, and called about him today. Turns out he was sick, and is feeling better now thanks to being brought in. If anyone needs a pick me up today. I certainly did. In other news the silly kitty I found outside and helped out that now lives with me has taken indoor catting to a pro level. Not only does he trip me, refuse to move if I'm setting down groceries, demand pets while I sleep, he also snores loudly while snoozing on the couch.

@jjg sorry to hear of your uncle's passing. I was at the service yesterday. My dad was one of his good friends.

So I got fired by a prick of a man because he could in my 90 days of probation. He's a stupid fuck for doing so, considering how desperate USPS is for help.

I get to wait for however long for unemployment help again.

I'm over capitalism.

Actually left the house. New work hours are a bitch. Glad this park is a couple blocks away.

I just let the feral boy go tonight. Glad he has his freedom. I feel bad releasing him back, but he was not suited at all to indoor life or people. I do hope he comes by for dinner still. Goodbye Walter! Please stop by again for dinner anytime!

Operation Empty Coin Purse snagged its first reeeaaaly wild boy. Walter has been neutered, chipped, vaxxed, and treated with mite and flea prevention. He disapproves of his situation and me, and gives me this shifty glance often.

Something that's taken up my time has been my "help the outdoor cats" project I've been doing since January. The first cat I captured, well he's living in our house with us. The second, an all white kitty, goes to adopters tomorrow. Putting a little good out in the world, after seeing so much sadness, grief, anger, and just plain horribleness. Gray cat "Patches" in our home, white cat "Louie" who is going to his new home tomorrow.

I should clarify it's my friends kid who passed away. It still cuts my soul in half.

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Jumping off the work from home theme, this pandemic is utter shit for people. The death of a child still unexplained, humans are utter bullshit about courtesy to each other... Working from home is straining relationships, and there's so much negative in the air.

I started doing things like sending cards to shut ins and taking care of some community cats wandering my neighborhood.

The first one I trapped to get neutered and vaccinated/parasite care died of cardiac arrest.

Send joy, please

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