Today in things that make me irrationally angry.
People putting their name on the concept of using a combination of box fan and furnace filters when it is something home wood workers have been doing to reduce sawdust in the air since the ‘80s.

Almost done with this dreadful project. Reverse engineering IKEA drawer faces so it doesn’t have that dumb scallop and can have a nicer drawer pull.
Feel like it would have been easier to build new drawers from scratch.

When you plane the wood to the perfect thickness and width but then forget to square things before cutting the height.

v0.2 of the DIY stock tank pool filter proves that off the shelf fittings leak less than amateur (me) designed 3D printed fittings. Also unlocks the ability to use more off the shelf fittings to make it permanent.

All the reviews for small pool pumps were crap. People say you replace them every couple months. So I did what I always do. Spend about the same amount of money and more time building an inferior product that is more user serviceable.

Google Cloud is upgrading their free tier Google Compute Module. Sounds like they are just tired of supporting the old infrastructure.

We are chasing that stock tank pool trend. Starting out with the basics to make sure we like it.

I hated setting up TypeScript but it makes JS development really snappy in VSCode with type checking and completion.
Experimenting and it seems that good JSDocs and the right settings I get all the good and none of the bad of TypeScript.

None of the actual tech people I follow are freaking out about Audacity’s privacy policy change. Only people who are easily riled up by claims of “spyware.”

Dumb thing about the Internet and words is that it can take a long time to figure out what people mean.
In a sense people in arcade groups support CRTs and people who aren’t racists support CRT both to help us understand history.

So my hot take on Typescript has cooled a bit. It’s a pain to setup and occasionally excruciating to use with some libraries but when things are properly configured and you’ve got a properly integrated IDE it can make development smoother and keep bugs out of production sooner.

When I change the type of filament I’m 3D printing with I usually forget to change the print profile for a few prints before I remember.

Going into the office today to clean my workstation that I haven’t seen in over a year (not quitting or fired, preparing for return to office) and have job interview level anxiety because it is something I haven’t done in so long.

Global Pandemic has me spending so much time indoors I’ve become mentally conditioned to assume the TV is a window. When the weather is bad on a movie I’m surprised when it is sunny outside.

Working on another dumb little bit and I thought I’d try this Typescript stuff that everybody lives so much and I already kind of hate it.
JavaScript with strict typing smooshed on top doesn’t even feel as nice as PHP’s optional typing that was smooshed on but actually smooshed on in a way that felt organic.

I had a dream about planning to build a handheld DJ turntable scratch rig with a physical spinning disc to emulate a real record.
The only audio you could scratch on it was a complete reading of the King James Bible.
My brain didn’t let me sleep because I was trying to remember this great idea and also plot what motors and sensors I would need to pull it off.

Finished product. Did a simple wax polish finish because I’m impatient.

Do this often enough and I’m starting to get good at it. Wood thrown out by neighbors to a frame in a couple hours (still need to finish it).

Global Pandemic 2021:
When my day-to-day is now so tightly compressed I noticed that the plastic they are using to make milk caps is slightly shinier than before.

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