When I change the type of filament I’m 3D printing with I usually forget to change the print profile for a few prints before I remember.

Going into the office today to clean my workstation that I haven’t seen in over a year (not quitting or fired, preparing for return to office) and have job interview level anxiety because it is something I haven’t done in so long.

Global Pandemic has me spending so much time indoors I’ve become mentally conditioned to assume the TV is a window. When the weather is bad on a movie I’m surprised when it is sunny outside.

Working on another dumb little bit and I thought I’d try this Typescript stuff that everybody lives so much and I already kind of hate it.
JavaScript with strict typing smooshed on top doesn’t even feel as nice as PHP’s optional typing that was smooshed on but actually smooshed on in a way that felt organic.

I had a dream about planning to build a handheld DJ turntable scratch rig with a physical spinning disc to emulate a real record.
The only audio you could scratch on it was a complete reading of the King James Bible.
My brain didn’t let me sleep because I was trying to remember this great idea and also plot what motors and sensors I would need to pull it off.

Finished product. Did a simple wax polish finish because I’m impatient.

Do this often enough and I’m starting to get good at it. Wood thrown out by neighbors to a frame in a couple hours (still need to finish it).

Global Pandemic 2021:
When my day-to-day is now so tightly compressed I noticed that the plastic they are using to make milk caps is slightly shinier than before.

I guess it means I don’t talk about geography enough because I thought “stalagtite” was a word.

Putting the finishing touches on my massive cutting board.

Needed to try a new keyboard again. Logitech MX gets lots of love online so jumped in.

Thought experiment.
Houses are wired for Alternating Current (AC) but almost every electrical device now converts that to Direct Current (DC).
If you had one large very efficient AC to DC converter that pumped +12 and +5 to every outlet would that be better?

I wrote a bot for Discord (the gamer chat thingy) and it is on a couple hundred servers and it’s the most use anything I’ve ever built (not paid work) has gotten.

Very weird for strangers to be thanking me and asking for features and also helping other people use it. Also, I can choose to just ignore some of my users which is weird.

(The bot cross posts Letterboxd movie reviews in Discord chat servers)

Deep deep into the first season of Thundercats and I can confidently tell you that anybody who tells you the stuff they grew up with was the “golden age” of content have not gone back to really spend time with it.

Ended up rethinking the shape I actually needed and modeling my dehumidifier nozzle as a bunch of cylinders and triangles in OpenSCAD because it super reliably does exactly what I want every time. Deleted FreeCAD.

Needed to create a shape that really benefited from FreeCADs loft and thickness functions but man is this program rough around the edges. Probably need to figure out Blender instead.

Bought a used 3TB drive (from 2011) to replace a 2TB drive (from 2010) to let me cycle out a 400GB drive (from 2005).
You might say I’m on the bleeding edge of technology.

It ended up being a tighter fit than I was expecting but the mac and hard drive aren’t going anywhere. Room to add more components if I really want to reprint.

Many many hours later have something that should be perfect. Just a matter of printing the beast now.

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