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I’m Jason, and this is my

I am a hacker, father, husband, filmmaker and kind-of musician.

I like making things and I love to see and talk to people about the things they make and do. I don’t have much artistic ability and as a result I deeply respect those who do.

I don’t understand competition, favor collaboration (even if I struggle doing it sometimes) and know humans can thrive without hierarchy.

USPOL/Women's healthcare 

I hate that we are here... but here we are.

One upside of getting paged at 4:45AM, beautiful sunrise.

I wonder how hard it would be to write a fast, simple fedi client for this…🤔🤔🤔

@jjg Regarding the HVD, I worked at InPhase for a while (almost to the end). Good times. The group of researchers there produced this book:

Which I've had on my wishlist for a while, but I can never justify the expense. :/

@jjg FYI, that is an abandoned fork of snapcast. This is probably the one you want.

Turns out the trick to fixing traffic wasn't adding more lanes, but ramping up gas prices.

Who knew.

I don't know if it as been tooted here but i found this video of a A Swiss wind-up fan from the 1910s. A spring motor provided a light breeze lasting about 30 minutes These were built for tropical countries and areas without electricity.

tfw you should really get some sleep because you are on call but you can’t fall asleep because you are on call.

@freakazoid @ajroach42 @keith For the #ForthBox, I'm planning on using the 65SIB bus. It's built on top of SPI, but can support up to 7 devices on a single channel. The channel has seven select lines on it.

I helped create this standard back around 2009 or so with Garth, and later on, Garth wrote it up in a more formal way.

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