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I’m Jason, and this is my

I am a hacker, father, husband, filmmaker and kind-of musician. Politically I’m an anarchist and my pronouns are he/him.

I like making things and I love to see and talk to people about the things they make and do. I don’t have much artistic ability and as a result I deeply respect those who do.

I don’t understand competition, favor collaboration (even if I struggle doing it sometimes) and know humans can thrive without authority.

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Greetings and salutations! This is your captain speaking.

In the following posts (the locals call them “toots”), I’ll give you a quick tour of the ships features. If you need more information or have any other questions don’t hesitate to ask.

You’ll notice a row of icons containing a house, a bell, three people, a globe and a magnifying glass. I’ll explain each of these in turn next.

After playing with Write Freely more I’m getting more serious about building-out a suite of federated software. Here’s the current list:

* …and of course

There may be more. I seem to remember a federated VR system but maybe I imagined that (or need to build it).

I’m thinking like “what if the second society was an actual society?”

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I’ve been playing with a federated writing/blogging tool:

I’m considering adding this to the services provided here or perhaps under

I’m also toying with the idea of folding this site under 2SOC as well. I haven’t put too much thought into it yet but personally I’d like to see 2SOC re-expand into other (and more experimental) things, and I could also use fewer things to manage so consolidation might make my life easier.

Threats of a musical collaboration between myself, @JasonTiffany and @Supernova72 (among others) should be taken seriously and require immediate action.

@Supernova72 you are a saint. Your work with the ignorant on Facebook is commendable and I am in awe of your patience.

“ hope does not come from good news or from hiding emotions – but from community and action.”

This link is a pretty tough read, and it only scratches the surface of the topic, but ultimately the message is hopeful, and for me at least provides a way to reconcile the state of the observable situation with any hope for a better future state.

Continuing my "challenge oneself" sketching exploration, I used a pencil that has multicolored lead in it. It changes sporadically as you draw. Makes for interesting outcomes. Will continue this area too. Lately I sketch every night, which is good for the soul, I'd wager.

Grief, death 

I’m watching Roadside Prophets after spending years looking for it. It’s one of a handful of films we regularly watched at Foggy Mountain (the name we gave Joe’s place after the farm). I’m sure it’s a coincidence that I was finally able to see it again, but it feels like something more.

After trying to draw a Cyberman from Doctor Who, I tried to draw a TARDIS, gave up and started drawing Tom Servo. Darrick asked me why Servo is thinking about the TARDIS lol. And then a xenomorph BECAUSE WHY NOT

I took a stray cat in to the humane society, and called about him today. Turns out he was sick, and is feeling better now thanks to being brought in. If anyone needs a pick me up today. I certainly did. In other news the silly kitty I found outside and helped out that now lives with me has taken indoor catting to a pro level. Not only does he trip me, refuse to move if I'm setting down groceries, demand pets while I sleep, he also snores loudly while snoozing on the couch.

We may have been broken for a bit, but I upgraded our shit and now it looks ok.

Looks like threading of responses is acting up (at least through my iOS app). Maybe time to check for updates…

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