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I’m Jason, and this is my

I am a hacker, father, husband, filmmaker and kind-of musician. Politically I’m an anarchist and my pronouns are he/him.

I like making things and I love to see and talk to people about the things they make and do. I don’t have much artistic ability and as a result I deeply respect those who do.

I don’t understand competition, favor collaboration (even if I struggle doing it sometimes) and know humans can thrive without authority.

Adding another brain to the solar computer project. Came very close to finishing this today but ran into a weird problem when I tried to power it directly from the charging board’s USB supply: the microcontroller resets every time it tries to enable the regulator for the Pi… 🤔🤔🤔

I've tried several times over the last century or so.

The world as it was at the end of the row, to the office at the end of the twentieth century.

I’m wondering if we need a label on books and other materials like this that indicates the “freshness” of any referenced science as well as something like the nutritional content labels on food that could indicate how much review & verification has been applied to any cited study as well as indicate when they have been disproven or debunked.

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I’ve been reading about the content and controversy around a book which references scientific information and because of this is considered by many to be a scientific work, even though it is not.

I’ve noticed more and more of this sort of material over the last decade or so and the result is a lot of people who think they are receiving scientific facts and data when I’m actually they are reading works of opinion based on outdated, cherry-picked data (at best).


Vacation always frees-up my creativity. I have been car company ideas to share with you all once I get them written down.

Imagine how will this will work when it’s actually outside and not the dead of winter… 🤣

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I’m planning on writing some custom monitoring software more suited for this system, but for now this will give me an idea of what kind of availability is possible with this setup.

(free trial expires in about a week which should provide sufficient motivation to write something better soon 😇).

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We are now 100% solar.

That means we’ll be down when it gets dark 😁

The system should be resilient to this and come back the next morning reliably.

This is just the beginning of course, but still a milestone.


For as little TV I watch, I’ve seen a number of things live that have changed my life. The first was the Challenger disaster, the most recent was a year ago today.

What’s next?

No problem, just replace it with a raspberry pi right? Wrong, they are out of stock everywhere.

Then I remember I have a model A inside another project. I really didn’t want to pull it out because it’s arguably the best packaging job I’ve ever done for one of these, but…

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After spending a lot of time falling into hole after hole trying to shut the SBC down gracefully by monitoring solar power output, I decided to try another approach and make it OK to just “unplug” the computer when it ran out of power (without wrecking the file system, etc.).

I found that the Alpine Linux distro has a slick solution to this (run everything in ram), but it only supports raspberry pi (not the rock64 which I’ve been using).

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Just learned of “Alternate Reality Games”. Still trying to wrap my head around it, but it sounds interesting.

I may have to discontinue testing for awhile.

During one run suddenly all the nodes disconnected from the network. When I went to cold-boot the machine, it was completely dead (no power).

Turns out something happened to the barrel connector where the power supply connects. Not sure if it overheated or what, but the connection is now very intermittent...

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Finally figured out the problem keeping all of my cores from getting used for my HPL runs.

Now comes the tuning.

After spending most of the day (on-and-off) trying to figure out why the benchmark I’m running on is only using half of the CPU cores, doesn’t the (potential) solution pop into my head as soon as I go to bed?

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