@jjg I role play with Mike Flynn and (sometimes) Joe Sanborn biweekly on Wednesdays. Currently I’m GM’ing a sci fi game with a lot of planet hopping.

@JasonTiffany that’s a funny coincidence (one of the games I’ve been experimenting with is a generative planet exploration thing).

@jjg Cool! You have to see my maps. We should Skype some time in the near future so I can screen share. They are huge .psd files so that’s the best way to see them.


@JasonTiffany maybe I can join a game sometime, would be cool to see those dudes again too!

@jjg I was going to ask if you’d like to join in some time. If you want to jump into one of the NPCs you can, otherwise I have an excel character sheet I can send you.

@JasonTiffany NPC is probably a good place to start. I assume your playing over Skype or something?

@jjg yes, Skype. You would be a good fit for our engineer Orson. He’s an alien with multiple arms and is an engineers engineer.

@JasonTiffany I’ve always wanted more arms (tentacles specifically, but arms are close enough).

@jjg lol. Perfect. Mike and I both felt like you would be a good fit for Orson. Can’t wait to show you the maps! I still need a stat system for ships with the level of detail I put into the character design system, but the game is more storytelling than hard stats.

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