@JohnnyPistolWhip so my friend got a bunch of these old (acetate?) records donated to her Restore and is wondering if they are worth pricing out individually.

Do you know if there is a market for these things?

@jjg they’re really only worth anything if they are blues or early rock. We put them in our free pile when we end up with them.

@JohnnyPistolWhip thanks for the info. Some seem to have been produced locally, I’m wondering why this one has two holes (maybe lathe cut?

@jjg @JohnnyPistolWhip I’ve seen that extra hole as an indicator of “not for resale” before.

@jim @jjg on 33 1/3 LPs, a punched hole is sometimes a not for resale thing they did. With these 78s having the hand written labels, it’s most likely from the lathe.

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