The list of people I respect has taken serious damage over the last few years, and it grows shorter each day.

In particular the pandemic has really pushed people to reveal themselves and it’s surprisingly gross.

Maybe it’s just me, I’m willing to admit and accept that, but regardless it’s diminished my desire to try to help, and frankly taken an emotional, psychological and even physical toll that I’m not sure I’ll recover from.

@jjg I feel like I am toeing a line to try and bring reason to people without insulting them to the point of not listening. The virus is real, its harmful, and people who dont want to get vaccinated then argue that masks hold bacteria... can we please put THEM in lockdown so the rest of us can live?

@Supernova72 it’s really hard. I thought I had alienated everyone who doesn’t understand what we need to do, but then I see healthcare workers who are anti-vaxxers and I’m like W the everloveing F….

@jjg the worst, to me is the "masks make people wicker" folks. Like fine, don't get the vaccine, but cover your germy piehole. Then it's like "my body my choice." WELL IT AFFECTS OTHERS IF YOU SPEW GERMS.

@Supernova72 I read some comments on a post by a nurse who was encouraging people to get vaccinated. The responses completely demoralized me.

One argument was along the lines of “how can it help you when it gives you some of the infection itself?”

That’s the definition of vaccination.

This was like a 40 year old “man”. How do you live that long without knowing this?

At the beginning of the pandemic I predicted it will kill half of all Americans. I’m sticking with that estimate.

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