@JohnnyPistolWhip so my friend got a bunch of these old (acetate?) records donated to her Restore and is wondering if they are worth pricing out individually.

Do you know if there is a market for these things?

This has given me an excuse to learn a lot about running your house from off-grid power, something I’ve wanted to experiment with anyway. So it’s been fun.

There’s primarily one right way to do this and that’s to use a “transfer switch”, which makes it impossible to connect the grid and the generator at the same time. This is important because doing so will cause all sorts of mayhem and can kill workers fixing the grid.

So in the long run, this is what I’ll be installing.

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We bought a generator because numerous plots to attack the power grid by Trump cultists have been uncovered, ranging from sophisticated Russian cyber attacks to unsophisticated redneck moron attacks.

We don’t anticipate these to cause long-term outages, and most of our critical infrastructure uses natural gas, but the furnace still needs electricity to work, and for the next few months it’s essential.

I’ve written Python for years but never did much GUI programming with it for a myriad of reasons.

Over the weekend I got a few hours to play and a cooperative setup.

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