Betting it all on the biolite stove for our first camping trip in 8 years. I probably haven’t fired this thing up in the last 5, hopefully it still works 🤣

I finished the Scout today. It’s working almost perfect, but the action on one key is kinda bad. I’ll have to open it up and see what I did.

All the parts are ready, now just to find some time to put them together 🤣

Beginning to accumulate…

With any luck I’ll have the rest printed in time for the electronics to arrive!

Realized that I could get a head-start on the kit even before the electronics show-up.

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The twins are operational.

Need to pack them in a better case (the disk is just hanging on a cable) and figure out why I can’t always sync from a remote network, but after that I need to find an offsite home for one of them.

Got some bad news I can’t talk about yet.

Got some lumber too.

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