@jim that’s the idea. There are some interesting legal loopholes if you’re willing to give-up some of the conveniences we expect from electronic delivery 😁

While you could do it all in software, DVD drives are pretty scarce these days so I’m thinking a set-top box which is little more than a raspi and a usb dvd drive (I did some prototypes with a similar setup). That way you can do it with Linux and not have to support a million configurations.

@jim I’m uniquely familiar with the legal aspects of this one 😁. The short answer is that as long as the video from one disc comes out of one screen it’s likely to be ok.

The system I designed before used direct connections as well as end-to-end encryption so there wasn’t any middlemen to worry about.

If it sounds interesting to you that makes two or three of us so now it’s worth experimenting with.

I’ll dig out my old notes…


@Supernova72 maybe I’ll play with this over the winter… 🤔🤔🤔

@Supernova72 finally it wouldn’t have to be limited to dvd, it could work with most any media. So you could list any weird shit you might have and others could check it out.

Ok rant over 😁

@Supernova72 plus it’s weird and kind of quirky and very DIY. You could see things that are otherwise unavailable, and it could justify keeping physical media around.

Also (not that I usually care about this stuff) I believe that it would be legal to collect a rental fee (first sale doctrine) so if you needed to provide an incentive (beyond reciprocal video service) that’s a possibility.

@Supernova72 it’s sort of like a shared, distributed video store. It’s a bit weird because you couldn’t necessarily watch something immediately, because you’d have to wait for whoever has the disc to load it, but it could be automated so you could pick a movie from a lost, and get a notification that it was ready whenever the person on the other end got around to loading it.

It’s not as convenient as streaming, but more than mailing or driving to the store.

@Supernova72 so I developed a system that could play a dvd in real-time across the internet. At Murfie this amounted to a room of operators loading dvds into custom servers when someone selected the title on their device. This didn’t pan-out for various reasons, but what if instead of one room with all the discs, each “customer” had a mini, single-disc player and used it to share whatever discs they have with everyone else with one of these things.

@Supernova72 so this discussion gave me a crazy idea.

I was thinking in about how this would work; would we have to drive somewhere to do a hand-off (and then again after watching it), would we mail it back-and-forth? This seemed sort of crazy.

Then I had this idea. When I worked for Murfie we were developing something like our CD product but for dvds. The trick was that to stay legal we couldn’t store the dvd data anywhere other than on the original discs. 1/2

After playing with Write Freely more I’m getting more serious about building-out a suite of federated software. Here’s the current list:

* writefreely.org/
* pixelfed.org/
* joinpeertube.org/
* funkwhale.audio/
* …and of course joinmastodon.org/

There may be more. I seem to remember a federated VR system but maybe I imagined that (or need to build it).

I’m thinking like “what if the second society was an actual society?”

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I’ve been playing with a federated writing/blogging tool:


I’m considering adding this to the services provided here or perhaps under 2SOC.net.

I’m also toying with the idea of folding this site under 2SOC as well. I haven’t put too much thought into it yet but personally I’d like to see 2SOC re-expand into other (and more experimental) things, and I could also use fewer things to manage so consolidation might make my life easier.

Threats of a musical collaboration between myself, @JasonTiffany and @Supernova72 (among others) should be taken seriously and require immediate action.

@Supernova72 I hear you.

The only thing I’ve found that helps (other than distractions 😇) is trying to accept what is happening like any other natural force and instead of trying to fix it think about how to build the world I want to live in out of it.

I succeed at this about 20% of the time on a good day 🤣

@Supernova72 great point about thinking like a journalist. My problem is that I come into conversations like that thinking more like a teacher, and when I see a conversation like that I start feeling like it’s going to take years to catch this person up with what they need to understand what is wrong with what they are saying.

@Supernova72 you are a saint. Your work with the ignorant on Facebook is commendable and I am in awe of your patience.

@Supernova72 as good as can be expected (maybe better?). How are you doin’?

“ hope does not come from good news or from hiding emotions – but from community and action.”

This link is a pretty tough read, and it only scratches the surface of the topic, but ultimately the message is hopeful, and for me at least provides a way to reconcile the state of the observable situation with any hope for a better future state.


Continuing my "challenge oneself" sketching exploration, I used a pencil that has multicolored lead in it. It changes sporadically as you draw. Makes for interesting outcomes. Will continue this area too. Lately I sketch every night, which is good for the soul, I'd wager.

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