@jim In virtually all situations police presence escalates violence as well.

It’s a really stupid way to protect people, it’s almost like that’s not what they are for.

If each contributor can write a compatible replacement for a single Unix utility, and make it work properly in place of the original on a Unix system, then these utilities will work right when put together.

I’ve long wondered how a project this complex could be developed asynchronously and this explains it: good design.

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For most projects, such part-time distributed work would be very hard to coordinate; the independently written parts would not work together. But for the particular task of replacing Unix, this problem is absent. A complete Unix system contains hundreds of utility programs, each of which is documented separately. Most interface specifications are fixed by Unix compatibility.


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I’m taking software freedom seriously again and going back to the roots to see where it all started.

Along the way I’m discovering some gems, like this one from the GNU Manifesto:


Looks like DevTerm will be arriving next week, very exciting.

I opted for the risc-v cpu so this should be an adventure. Also I should order some paper for the printer…


Too bad it didn’t get here today, might have been fun to take camping 😂

@mathiasx Would love to know more about your hydro setup. I've often fantasized about doing the whole full-cycle deal with fish and all that but that's about as far as I've gotten with it.

@jim hiring is a disaster. It’s really bad in tech, but from what I’ve heard from others it’s bad everywhere.

I’ve been on both sides of the table as well, and I don’t have any great ideas. What’s worked best for me in the past is to pay an applicant to do some real work as a consultant and see how it goes. This works well, but it’s unfair to make someone work a second job (even if you’re paying them).

How to make a billion-dollar startup:

1. Use propaganda to convince the world to adopt a bad idea that creates massive performance problems
2. Create a product that relieves 50% of the performance problem you just created
3. Profit!

I’m working-up a theory that LinkedIn is the most successful social network specifically because everyone hates it …equally.

@jim most of the packs will be printed parts, primarily to keep them light. It’s funny because I found some really cool stuff for the synchrotrons but it would make the pack weigh like 50lbs…

For the car though, lots of recycled crap

@jim that’s awesome. I was wondering about the water temp with no insulation and all. Looks like a nice size though.

So I plunked down $100 to reserve one of these, they are estimating delivery in 2024.

That sounds kind of crazy but I waited longer for my Model 3 reservation to materialize (which I ultimately cancelled).

If they pull it off I should be in a better position to actually close the deal than I was when my Tesla reservation came to fruition. Also this thing is so much weirder that I feel a lot more compelled to own one.

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Betting it all on the biolite stove for our first camping trip in 8 years. I probably haven’t fired this thing up in the last 5, hopefully it still works 🤣

It’s stock tank season.
Chopped some holes in the back side so I can install a filter and heater when the spirit strikes.

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