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@JasonTiffany I can see that!

If you ever feel like collaborating on a video game let me know, I’m a good programmer but my visual arts skills are non-existent 🤣

@jim most cars since 2010 have a cellular radio that uploads telemetry data to the manufacturer (who then sells that data to third parties), so they already absorb the cost of that connection.

The article points to a patent that indicates it may also be synchronized with billboards or some crazy shit.

I’m wondering if there is enough of a market to support something like kit cars but aimed at people outside of the “track day” crowd?

I read an article about Ford planning to sell ad space on the screens inside their cars and it really made me flip out. Partly because the increasing inescapablility of capitalism and partly because for me driving is sanctuary.

The whole thing has renewed my interest in simple cars, and I’m wondering who is still making them (the only brand I know of is caterham).

@JasonTiffany I've really dug your other stuff so I'm looking forward to checking this out, thanks for sharing!

@jim I love this kind of work too. I have a friend who is working on an FPGA-based graphics card for the RC2014 (itself a modern re-creation of the Z80-based homebrew computers from back in the day).

There's a lot of cool tech coming out of the retrocomputing scene, and it's not just nostalgia, people are starting to realize that there were a lot of unexplored paths and the computers we have no are not because they were the best, just the most profitable.

@JasonTiffany what a pleasant surprise on this fine Saturday mornin!

You know I was logging-on to say that it might be time to stop communicating directly with people over the internet, but when I got here I see all this good stuff that changes my mind 😁


Spent an enormous amount of time outdoors this weekend and that made it a lot harder to come back and pick up my phone again.

@jim I hate Typescript, it’s like the Microsoft version of Coffeescript (which I hated too).

That said even JavaScript itself is mostly unrecognizable to me now. When it outgrew “The Good Parts” I pretty much lost interest.

Working on another dumb little bit and I thought I’d try this Typescript stuff that everybody lives so much and I already kind of hate it.
JavaScript with strict typing smooshed on top doesn’t even feel as nice as PHP’s optional typing that was smooshed on but actually smooshed on in a way that felt organic.

Looks like the ROM constructs all went offline again…hmm

@Supernova72 @jim I love it.

Seems like this is how most of the real good happens in the world.

Something that's taken up my time has been my "help the outdoor cats" project I've been doing since January. The first cat I captured, well he's living in our house with us. The second, an all white kitty, goes to adopters tomorrow. Putting a little good out in the world, after seeing so much sadness, grief, anger, and just plain horribleness. Gray cat "Patches" in our home, white cat "Louie" who is going to his new home tomorrow.

The world as it was at the end of the row, to the office at the end of the row, to the office at the end of the row, to the office at the end of the hall.

After another thirty minutes it was starting to get dark so I decided to damn the torpedoes and just slice off the mufflers and experiment.

Feels like everything I touch today breaks…

I’ve been working this idea for a new kind of electronic money for a couple years but I never manage to get around to explaining it completely or finishing usable prototype. The thing is I really don’t care about money, but I feel compelled to “solve” it because of how so much harm is done by existing money systems.

But maybe I should just drop it and free-up headspace for things I’m more interested in?

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