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@jim I can see myself doing that.

I need to spend some time dialing-in the new printer. I got it working pretty good but I’m sure it can go faster, and I’m wondering if I need to tweak the auto leveling variables a little because I’m occasionally seeing a little bit of curling where there was none before (maybe tolerance changes from the machine breaking in?)

Spent another hour or so before work today working on , and made good progress again (got basic image uploading working).

I woke-up thinking about how art is the greatest communication technology we’ve created (I’ll probably write a blog post with more on that soon) and this made me feel like ArtAds could actually be a more important project than I originally thought.

This put some enthusiasm into the work.

Started working on ArtAds ( this morning.

Decided to go with Python/Flask because I want to start with the API first and I don’t want to get hung-up by language issues (I work with Python everyday so it’s easy to remember everything). Haven’t done much (non-cloud) DB programming with Python and was pleasantly surprised at how quickly I could get that going.

This is a good idea on several levels (even if there are a few issues with the implementation).

There is the safety and convenience aspects for the builder and operator, but beyond that there are efficiencies of scale available when standards are applied. If batteries like this were available in several capacities by different manufacturers using a standard connector and form-factor prices and availability could improve and put more EV’s on the road.

Anyone got anything fun planned this weekend?

Looks like it will be pretty hot here so I plan on spending at least some of it hiding in the lab working on finishing the prototype for korn-e:

(I should probably add more to the README)

My friend Pete turned me on to this site and I’ve been listening to these “mixtapes” all day:

@jim they let us pick if we wanted to go back or not (I chose not).

I was only in the office two days a week before, but officially being 100% remote as long as I am there will be very nice.

@jim that sounds like a good way to take advantage of the conditions!

@JasonTiffany I was moderately committed to regular meditation years ago (jeese, maybe decades?) but fell out of practice when I got into more demanding work that ate all my time (ironic because I probably needed it more then).

I wonder if I could get back into it?

I think it’s a bit of all of the above, plus age and other physical things. It’s been very hard to justify taking care of myself the last few years.

Global Pandemic has me spending so much time indoors I’ve become mentally conditioned to assume the TV is a window. When the weather is bad on a movie I’m surprised when it is sunny outside.

Revisiting “The Good Life Lab” has me re-examining what parts I can apply to my life to get more of what I want.

In broad strokes this could be called “freedom”, but that’s just a starting point for more specific desires like non-alienating work, greater physical and intellectual endurance, more creativity, more fun, more collaboration, etc.

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I think I’ve been finding excuses to be lazier. Maybe that’s too judgemental (or at least carries a negative connotation), but I think I’ve justified doing less of the things I could do myself by claiming that my limited time is better spent elsewhere.

But when I reflect on that honestly, what am I spending the time on? Lately (the last year or so) it’s been consuming a lot, and I think I’m neglecting my own CCC philosophy (create, consume, curate in equal portion).

@JohnnyPistolWhip thanks for the info. Some seem to have been produced locally, I’m wondering why this one has two holes (maybe lathe cut?

@JohnnyPistolWhip so my friend got a bunch of these old (acetate?) records donated to her Restore and is wondering if they are worth pricing out individually.

Do you know if there is a market for these things?

@JohnnyPistolWhip all I ask is for an invite 😇😇😇

This sounds like other legends I’ve heard. It’s interesting how Facebook crushed online communities the way big box stores crushed offline ones.

Without getting too deep into it, I think Dunbar was on to something 😁

The good news is that there are a lot of people experimenting with new things in response to overbearing corporate online systems. In addition to the fediverse there is an assortment of decentralized related tech (soft and hard).

@jjg I’m bad at being social and making friends. My FB friends list is mostly made up of family that doesn’t suck, people I met before I was 20 and my Gen-z rapper babies. 😃

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