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I read an article about Ford planning to sell ad space on the screens inside their cars and it really made me flip out. Partly because the increasing inescapablility of capitalism and partly because for me driving is sanctuary.

The whole thing has renewed my interest in simple cars, and I’m wondering who is still making them (the only brand I know of is caterham).

Spent an enormous amount of time outdoors this weekend and that made it a lot harder to come back and pick up my phone again.

Working on another dumb little bit and I thought I’d try this Typescript stuff that everybody lives so much and I already kind of hate it.
JavaScript with strict typing smooshed on top doesn’t even feel as nice as PHP’s optional typing that was smooshed on but actually smooshed on in a way that felt organic.

Looks like the ROM constructs all went offline again…hmm

Something that's taken up my time has been my "help the outdoor cats" project I've been doing since January. The first cat I captured, well he's living in our house with us. The second, an all white kitty, goes to adopters tomorrow. Putting a little good out in the world, after seeing so much sadness, grief, anger, and just plain horribleness. Gray cat "Patches" in our home, white cat "Louie" who is going to his new home tomorrow.

The world as it was at the end of the row, to the office at the end of the row, to the office at the end of the row, to the office at the end of the hall.

After another thirty minutes it was starting to get dark so I decided to damn the torpedoes and just slice off the mufflers and experiment.

Feels like everything I touch today breaks…

I’ve been working this idea for a new kind of electronic money for a couple years but I never manage to get around to explaining it completely or finishing usable prototype. The thing is I really don’t care about money, but I feel compelled to “solve” it because of how so much harm is done by existing money systems.

But maybe I should just drop it and free-up headspace for things I’m more interested in?

One of my most consistent failures has been to attract people into online communities and I think I finally figured out why: most of the people I try to attract don’t want to participate in online communities, they only use things like Facebook because they are essentially forced to.

Since I’m not into forcing anyone into anything, the alternatives I provide lack the very thing that compels them to use anything at all.

We got our first spam post today. I’ve blocked the domain and deleted the post, but it has me wondering if I should make this a “hard” isolated node vs. what it is currently (sort of under-the-radar).

You can feel it when you go to church, when you pay your taxes.

In this re-creation of 1800's America, the prevailing soundtrack is one of these cluster boards as well as another that actually fits, but they have been most understanding of the Javascript language.

@Supernova72 i saw this and wanted to reply to your post about hatpins on Facebook but Facebook wouldn’t let me search for your posts!🤣

Spent most of the last two days submerged in nature and physically distant from my job. It’s been truly invigorating.

I’m feeling very compelled to hack on something but I think I’m going to deny myself as a way to make returning to the keyboard after this little adventure that much more delicious.

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